Three reasons nutrition coaches perpetuate our food issues

This post may ruffle a few feathers. But as a Precision Nutrition L1 coach, I felt compelled to share some of the reasons my clients come to me, still struggling, after working with other personal trainers and online coaches.

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Most nutrition coaches ignore mindset

Here’s the thing. Good nutrition is so much more than how we’re fueling our bodies. It is about so much more than the food we eat, the macro counts, and how often we eat.

And honestly, as a nutrition coach, for the first year in business, I kind of neglected this fact too. I thought that by teaching women all the things about protein, veggies, and nutrient timing, I would help them make lasting changes.

But even I was forgetting the importance of MINDSET and how we feel around food.

When we ignore mindset:
-We keep struggling with the same food situations, even though we “know” the right thing to do.
-Guilt around specific food situations continues.
-We struggle every time that we cannot easily apply our nutrition rules (because the underlying feelings haven’t been addressed).

There’s SO much information out there but information is never enough. If it were, wouldn’t we all be perfectly consistent? ?‍♀️

Most nutrition coaches don’t dig deeper than food

When working with clients, nutrition coaches are focused on food. Duh…Katherine….isn’t that what they should be doing?

Yes and no.


  • Good nutrition is important
  • Clients come to coaches looking for nutrition advice
  • Sometimes we need explicit guidance on what to eat/when



  • There is a shit ton of information out there.
  • We often KNOW what to do but have a hard time DOING it.
  • Underlying beliefs about food play a HUGE part in how we show up and engage with food.

When we only focus on food, we ignore the underlying beliefs that really, truly change the way we eat and drink. By doing so, we perpetuate our struggles, because we are not dealing with the baggage that’s underneath the surface.

Nutrition coaches want to keep their jobs

Unfortunately, the exact things that we, as clients, say we want (meal plans, macronutrient guides, food lists) keep us struggling and relying on nutrition coaches to tell us what to do. Many coaches and companies build their business off of people being unsure around food – because that keeps clients coming back, doesn’t it?

My point in writing this post is not to trash the nutrition industry—but to shed light on some of the issues so that we can be the solution.

As a restriction recovery coach, I pride myself on tackling mindset, digging deeper, and teaching clients how to move forward on their own. One way I do this is teach them specific strategies to help where they’re struggling.

Take #MyConsciousIndulgence Guide as an example.

My clients struggle with depriving all week, binging on the weekends, feeling guilty, then starting the cycle all over again.

So, I put together this step-by-step guide to stop the binging and the guilt, while also addressing the underlying issues leading us to binge.

Check it out and download your free copy here.