My Favorite Protein Shake Recipe

It’s post workout and you’re starving. You know you need to get some protein and carbs on board but don’t really feel like eating something bulky.

Sound familiar?

Yeah me too. I’m gonna blame it on the Austin heatwave (most of this week has been in the 80s) but protein shakes have been my jam recently. But if we are being honest, I take my coffee hot in 100º and my protein shakes cold when it’s 45º.

Enter my favorite protein shake

Mint chip protein shake

Why is this one my fave? It packs a nutritional punch that will take you through until your next meal. As I try to get veggies in at every meal and snack, this shake is one of my favorite ways to “sneak” them into breakfast.

Also, because I workout in the mornings, I need a breakfast that will fuel me up through my morning and replenish energy stores post-workout. Using  frozen banana not only makes the shake creamy and delicious but also adds some much needed quick digesting carbs.

I’m also obsessed with mint flavored anything (especially when there’s chocolate involved too), so that also explains why this is my go-to.

This shake is SO delicious that I have one almost every single day.


The recipe below makes approximately 1 shake. I suck at measurements, so all my recipes should be taken as approximations 😉

I hope you try it!

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