Three protein balls: recipes + macros

If you never know what to eat pre or post workout or get so hungry after you finish your lifting sesh that you eat everything in sight, then you need to keep on reading cuz these protein balls are just what you need!

Even as a personal trainer and nutrition coach, I have a hard time getting food on board before working out. Let’s just say, at 5:30am, I’m sure as hell not feeling a protein shake or egg whites and veggies. When I’m well-prepared and in good habits, I’ll have a serving of my favorite protein bread or a couple protein bites. Recently, in case it’s not clear, I have not been following the best habits, instead, starting my workouts in a fasted state.

So, when my air conditioning unit went bust and I couldn’t leave my apartment for a few hours on a Saturday, I decided it was time to get back to my protein ball/bite roots by creating brand new recipes.


Protein ball recipes

These recipes were all created with ingredients I had around my apartment (because I couldn’t leave to go to the grocery store….) so I’m hoping you’ll be able to make them easily too!


Some of the basic ingredients you’ll need for these recipes are:

  • Protein: whey protein powder, pea or brown rice protein powder (This one’s my favorite).
  • Carbs: coconut flour, oat flour
  • Fat: peanut butter, coconut oil

As these ingredients are probably already in your pantry, you can try any of my newest three protein balls!

Cake Batter Protein Balls

Cake Batter Protein Bite

These bites were the stickiest of all, so if you are having a hard time rolling them, toss the dough into the fridge or freezer for fifteen minutes, then try again.

horizontal protein bites

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein Balls

Cookie Dough Protein Bite

YUM! This is one of my favorites. It’s super peanut buttery, with chocolate chunks. Who could ask for more.

vertical protein balls

Almond Joy Protein Balls

Almond Joy Protein Bite

This recipe is actually vegan, too! This protein powder was also a bit drier, so I didn’t have a problem forming the protein balls.

protein balls

A couple general tips for you as you get cooking:

Test out different protein powders!

My favorite protein powder, SFH, seemed to make the protein balls a little stickier than ones I’ve made in the past. This could be due to the protein powder or something else, like the intense humidity and heat of an apartment without AC. Oops.

Remember that these recipes are guidelines, so you’ll want to adjust quantities as needed to get a moist, crumbly consistency.

Always add the liquid slowly!

With the chocolate chip cookie bites, I definitely added the almond milk waaaay too quickly. Add it tablespoon by tablespoon, even if it takes a little longer.

It’s so important to eat before and after you exercise. Your body needs protein and carbs to both prepare and recover, and these bites offer both. Make a batch ahead, like I did, and you’ll have enough for the whole week!

Enjoy! Test out these recipes and let me know which is YOUR favorite.

What do you like to eat before your workouts?

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