Slow Cooker Hatch Chile Chicken

Hoping for a quick, easy recipe that’s full of protein and veggies?  Look no farther! 

It’s no secret I love recipes that take less than 20 minutes to prepare and are super high in protein. This is where the slow cooker and one frozen chicken breast comes into play. I’m not sure how this black magic works. I can make one shredded chicken breast in my crock pot, and it feeds me for an entire week.

Last week I took that concept, shredded chicken and experimented with two frozen ingredients from Trader Joe’s:

  • Fire roasted peppers and onions
  • Hatch green chiles

peppersandonionsgreen chiles.jpg

Green Chile Chicken

It turned out so well, and was so easy, I feel a little silly calling it a recipe! I’ve eaten it over veggies, added it to egg whites for a protein scramble, and made it into tacos. Keep in mind, it is a little spicy, so be careful of the seasoning amounts if you’re sensitive to spice. Let me know if you try it!


What’s your go-to “recipe?”

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