What should I eat before bed?

Quick disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist. I am sharing this information and my experiences for educational purposes only.

Hey friends! Happy Humpday!

Sticking with last Wednesday’s moderate eating focus, I want to share some ideas about eating at nighttime. Duh duh dum……This definitely can be a triggering idea with so many diets and diet professionals preaching that we “should” not eat after a certain time. And this does make sense on a surface level: less time eating = less calories ingested, eating before bed can sometimes cause bloating, and when we are tired sometimes we make bad choices.

Time to start questioning the nutrition rules. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a morning exerciser. This makes it damn difficult, near impossible, to “stop” eating at a certain time. To me, nothing says ick like eating some protein at 5am or having to wake up earlier just to have a snack. And you know what? That’s okay.

Eating at nighttime does not cause weight gain! You can make healthy choices that actually support your goals (source).

Through a lot of searching, I’ve found a couple snacks that work really well for my body and lifestyle. They fit within my daily nutritional goals (protein at every meal) and are super satisfying. I’ve found when I eat one of the below, I feel so much better within my workouts.

Here are my current top two snacks!

Arctic Zero


High protein, low sugar snack. I like to add some PB or granola to it for a more complete mini meal.

Greek Yogurt with Toppings

Pick a yogurt that has low sugar. Add in some noms like granola, fruit, or dark chocolate chips. I’ll also add in some protein powder if I am lifting the next morning.


What are your yummy, healthy nighttime snacks?



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