Easy and Quick Meal Prep Ideas

Meal prep is a hot topic on social media. But is filling these containers for you?

Eating healthy when you’re busy is a big challenge. The logical next question after last week’s post becomes centered on meal prep.

Over the last week, there’ve been a couple separate instances where meal prep has taken over the conversation. We’re definitely fascinated by specialized containers, services offering to bring you “prepped” foods, and the guarantee of healthy meals in a snap.  We are either for or against tupperwares full of chicken breast and broccoli.

Not that simple (is it ever?). IMHO, Meal prep has gotten a bad rap.

We associate the topic with the rigidity required of bodybuilders in full on prep mode, requiring a full day to dedicate to cooking soggy asparagus and dry turkey breast.  I can say this because I used to think it! I didn’t want to be that person carrying around all her meals, so I rejected the idea.

While these are the pictures filling up your instagram feed, it doesn’t have to be how you handle your meal prep.  Since moving to Texas, I’ve changed my tune and realized it’s not black and white. Shift your mindset and you realize meal prep allows you to be relaxed on weeknights.

Meal prep is a tool to save you time and energy.

I’m now a huge advocate of doing a little “pre-work” to make my meals a little easier. Every Sunday, I do the following:

Cook two proteins ahead of time

Throw something in the slow cooker and make a huge pot of it. Need ideas? Try my Slow Cooker Chicken Piccata Recipe or Slow Cooker Hatch Chile Chicken. If you make one of these and grill some chicken breast/steaks/turkey burgers, your meals are basically ready to go.

Grocery shop for easy veggie and carb options

Pre-chopped veggies and quick carbs (like shredded potatoes or rice pasta) are my jam.

Prepare one grab-n-go snack-like my protein bread or bites


These simple steps have changed my evenings. My meals are automated and I’m not tempted to grab takeout on the way home. With the protein already figured out, cooking time drops to just a few minutes.

One of the biggest objections I’ve heard is “I’m too lazy” but I’d argue that prepping ahead of time allows me to be lazy. Try it for a week and let me know what you think!

What are your thoughts? Do you prep ahead of time?

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