Stay healthy while traveling – 5 tips

Over the last few weeks, it seems like every one of my clients has been traveling. Whether they’re traveling for work or fun, they all have the same question: how can I stay healthy while traveling? Although many of my suggestions are customized to her specific goals & preferences, I found I was repeating some of the same tips & strategies, so I decided to share them with you! Although I wrote about how I stopped gaining weight while on vacation a couple years ago, it was time to share some updated suggestions.  If you’re looking to stay healthy while traveling and not fall off the wagon, keep reading!

How to stay healthy while traveling

Check your mindset

Mindset comes first, as always.

When it comes to traveling, we gotta remember our definition for consistency. It is not about doing anything perfectly; it is about building resilience and focusing on one choice at a time. Now is the time to have a short term memory; focus on one meal or snack at a time.

When we travel, a lot can be out of our control, which may cause anxiety, but I wanna encourage you to take this opportunity to LEARN. If you aren’t able to make the most ideal decisions, instead of beating yourself up, tune in (basically work through MASTER):

-how did the food make your body feel?

-what thoughts came up?

-how satisfied were you?

-were you tempted to restrict afterwards?

Set the right goal

It’s also SUPER important to reset your expectations as you travel. 99.9% of the time, traveling is NOT the time to focus on fat loss. When traveling, we wanna think about how we can simply maintain progress. It’s gonna be really dang hard to work towards fat loss while traveling, so instead of saying we want to keep working towards fat loss, trying to eat perfectly, slipping up, and completely going off the rails, let’s focus on maintenance.

With maintenance as our goal, consistency is the tool we use.

Prioritize protein

When traveling, we wanna keep our blood sugar as stable as possible – because when our blood sugar drops or spikes, we can be tempted to choose foods that don’t make us feel our best.

So, try to get a solid serving of protein at every meal & snack. Best practice is to build your meal around a protein source – instead of a carb.

Choose a big salad per day

A best practice for getting #proteinandproducefirst is eating one big salad per day. This will fill you up on veggies and help you get in plenty of produce during the day.

For your other meal, be sure to #mindthemiddle. Pick something that is satisfying – but not crazy indulgent. It should be right in the middle. It can be helpful to literally choose 3 options on a menu: most perfect, least perfect, and the middle.

Indulge intelligently

Traveling tends to be a time of more indulgences – and this is totally okay. This is another reason I encourage us to focus on the goal of maintenance while traveling; our bodies can withstand a pretty wide range of calorie intake and still maintain bodyweight.

That said, when choosing to indulge, I don’t want you to ask the question, “is it worth it?” because that tends to lead to a TON of back and forth & guilt.

mimosa cups

Instead, I encourage you to reflect on the following questions:

-Do I really want it – or am I eating out of obligation, habit, or FOMO?

-What choice (indulging or skipping) is aligned with the woman I want to be?

These answers will guide your choice. It’s way important that you make choices that feel good & are aligned with the person you wanna be!

Choosing to indulge should feel good – and within this context can actually be very empowering.

I hope these tips help! If you want a little more help indulging, I’d suggest you check out #MyConsciousIndulgence Guide to help you figure out how to start indulging without binging!