Trader Joe’s: Healthy Grocery List for Busy People

Sharing my go-to haul from Trader Joe’s to get your grocery shopping done in minutes.

Even the best meal plans or healthy eating habits require us to hit the store. And for some of us, grocery shopping is incredibly stressful. There are so many options that it can be hard to decide what we actually need. One of my dearest friends even gets a bit of anxiety stepping in the store, so this is for all of you in a similar boat <3

Eating well does not need to be time consuming. Same goes for shopping for your healthy noms. By using this list, you’ll be sure to have all the basics on hand for healthy meals throughout  your week, AND you’ll be in and out of the grocery store in less than fifteen minutes!

Healthy Grocery List (at Trader Joe’s)


A couple caveats here…

  • This isn’t a meal plan. It’s designed to give you a great starting off point. If you need some quick meal ideas with these ingredients, check out this post.
  • I’m assuming you’ve got the basics. Things like olive oil, coconut oil, flour, ketchup, and seasonings are not gonna be listed.
  • This list is specifically targeted for Trader Joe’s. Now, you can still bring it to any grocery store for a quick trip for an awesome jumping off point BUT there may be a couple items missing.

I hope this helps! I use this list every time I shop, and it keeps me fed and happy 😉

Let me know if you try it!

What is one item always in your pantry or fridge?

2 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s: Healthy Grocery List for Busy People

  1. Hey! I think they can be done healthily but require a lot of knowledge about protein sources and how they stack up. Animal protein is often the easiest-not only-way to get all our essential amino acids. If it’s something you’re considering, definitely chat with a RD about your specific protein requirements.

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