What I Ate Wednesday #2

Hi friends! We’ve made it halfway through the week! Yay! Tuesday was a slow day for me, with the highlight being a wine and FaceTime date with my bestie, followed by online CPR/AED training. Exciting stuff.

How’s your week going? Let me know in the comments below.

Today I wanted to show ya’ll how I eat on more of a rest day. I definitely try NOT to restrict or change my eating too much day-to-day but I notice that I eat a bit differently on a rest day. Generally I’m a little less hungry so I focus on hydration and…rest 🙂


Start the day off right with a little green juice + coconut water + lemon concoction. I’m not feeling too much like eggs and veggies this morning, so I stick with some berries and nonfat greek yogurt. I’ve started adding pumpkin pie spice to my plain yogurt….YUM. Mornings like these are why I take a greens supplement; one of my goals is to eat veggies with every meal but sometimes that doesn’t happen with breakfast.



Just about every day, my lunch is a BIG ASS SALAD or BAS. Load up on all things veggie and add some protein and fat. Keeps me full throughout the afternoon and ensures I get my servings of vegetables.

PM Snack


My favorite afternoon snack is dark chocolate covered almonds. Not necessarily the healthiest but delicious as an afternoon pick me up.


I also had some kombucha while dinner was cooking.



Mmmmmm. I have been testing out new crockpot recipes and am loving this crockpot chicken piccata. Lots of good veggies in it, low fat, and great atop pasta, quinoa, sweet potatoes, or extra greens as I had today.

Snack before bed


I’ve recently rediscovered chocolate PB2 and have been using it in place of protein powder in my yogurt. Adding a few chocolate chips makes for a delicious, protein filled snack.

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