What I Ate Wednesday #4

Good morning, friends! How’s your week been? We’ve been adjusting back to being in Texas. It’s hard being away from my family but it IS nice to have my own space again. This dumb dumb is a little anxious and would prefer I am always in her sight!


After some guidance from my trainer, I’ve started playing around with meal timing and nutrient density again. Read: eating bigger meals that are full of protein, fat, and fruit/veggies. This has been helping me feel fuller for longer throughout the day.

There is much evidence that states three square meals with one or two small snacks are actually best for fat loss, so if want to try this strategy. I’d recommend bumping up fat/protein a little in your meals to start. If you’re still hungry before about 5 hours, add a few carbohydrates. Here’s what it looks like for me.

Upon waking and before my workout, I have branched chain aminos and coffee.

Breakfast, 9:00am

Added a bit of extra fat, having eggs rather than egg whites IMG_3069.jpg

Lunch, 1:30pm

Added extra chicken and cheese, nom


“Snack,” 7:00pm

Have to have a tiny bit of chocolate each day, keeps me sane!


Dinner, 7:30pm

Snack, 9:30pm


Let me know your thoughts! What has been your most successful meal strategy?

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