What I Ate Wednesday #6

Tune in to check out what moderation looked like on a busy Saturday.

Happy Hump Day, friends! How’s the week treating you? We had a pretty rough Tuesday but I’m hoping that the week looks up today 🙂

Today, I wanted to share what eating looked like over the weekend when I had back to back events: workout, volunteering, haircut, happy hour with a friend. On top of being busy, I had absolutely no fresh food in the house, except for half of a bagged salad, which was gone by noon!


My workout started at 8:45am, so I had a cup of coffee and a date to give me a little sugar before Orangetheory madness.



I knew I wanted some veggies before heading out for my day, so I ate the above mentioned mostly wilted salad 😀 Guys, it’s slim pickings over here.



While out at my Love-A-Bull event, I had a protein bar. This was an impulse buy at Whole Foods-who can say no to cookie dough-and it was absolutely delicious. More of a meal replacement bar than a snack with 290 calories, but super yummy. It kept me full until lunchtime when I got home.



As I had nothing but frozen food, I threw together frozen spinach & mushrooms, my last leftover turkey burger, and frozen cauliflower rice for a makeshift lunch. Topped with leftover pasta sauce and served with (more) frozen cauliflower. Not terrible and a veggie-ful meal.



Happy hour! Juno and I snuggled while I drank a yummy glass of sauv blanc.


There weren’t good options on the menu, so I continued the happy hour at home with root veggies (also frozen…) and some hummus. No. I did not eat the entire container of said hummus.



For dinner, I had a Whole Foods salad I picked up while running around and a can of my favorite wine. I haven’t seen it in stores since October, so when I did, I had to have some.


Nighttime cookie dough deliciousness (coconut flour + protein powder + almond milk) topped with arctic zero. Felt super indulgent but not too terribly nutrient dense.

As you guys can see, this is probably the least healthy day of eats I’ve shared but I thought you should see it because:

  • Balance is better than perfection. You should never feel embarrassed to be real!
  • You can still eat moderately healthy when you’ve got no time or food in your home: focus on protein and veggies.

What is your go to way to eat healthy when you’re busy?

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