What I Ate Wednesday #7

What I Ate Wednesday: Sharing a low carb day of eats as I try out carb cycling

Hey there, friends. It’s been a while since I shared a day of eats, so I jumped back on the What I Ate Wednesday bandwagon. Honestly, I haven’t shared anything because not a lot has changed. I’m at a point where my eating is super automated, not putting too much time or effort into making eating choices. By focusing on the daily nutritional rules I’ve mentioned, I don’t need to put a lot of time into thinking about food. Sweet.

Recently though, I’ve started experimenting with carb cycling. Well, I have a pinky toe in the water of carb cycling, haha. In traditional carb cycling, there is a lot of counting macros and grams of carbs. Thankfully, I know that’s a little too triggering for me right now, so I am playing around with servings. Essentially, on lifting or Orangetheory days, I eat more carbs & less fat. On rest or cardio days, I eat fewer carbs & more fat. Note that I don’t completely disregard any macros, the ratios just change a little bit.

Below, I’ve included what I ate on a low-carb, low-intensity day! I hope it helps you to understand what carb cycling could look like for you.


Coffee. Always coffee.


8:30am (one protein, 1/2 carb)

Breakfast was nonfat plain greek yogurt + berries + pumpkin pie spice, along with lots of fibrous veggies. Note that this was a rest day. If I had trained that morning, I would have added an additional serving of starchy carbs (oatmeal, toast, 1/2 a bagel, protein pancake etc).


1:00pm (one protein, two fat)

Lunch will always be a big ass salad. On lower carb days, I don’t add starchy carbs (like sweet potato or corn) to them. Instead, I focus on volume eating, a lot of veggies!


5:00pm (1 1/2 carb, 1/2 protein)

I’m back on that protein cookie dough kick. You’ll notice this is the other time of day I have some carbs with the coconut flour. Why? Cuz I am LOVING this snack. Protein powder, coconut flour (2 tablespoons), almond milk, and frozen berries. It’s yummy and it keeps me feeling full until dinner.


8:00pm (1 1/2 protein, one fat)

Lots of protein + veggies. Steak and cauliflower “fried rice” is one of my go-tos.


10:00pm (1/2 protein, 1/2 carb)

Greek yogurt with PB2 and 1/4 cup Arctic Zero. That brownie blast flavor is bomb.

A few indulgences here and there, but all in all, a pretty healthy day! I love writing these posts because they help make me more aware too!

Have you tried carb cycling? 

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