What I Ate Wednesday #1

Hello Friends! Jumping on the What I Ate Wednesday bandwagon because these are some of my favorite posts to read on other bloggers’ page.

This Wednesday is pretty typical of my eating in maintenance mode. I eat a lot of the same things, so I hope it’s not boring. I got in a great lifting session in the morning, so there will be a few more starchy carbs than on a non-lifting day. Vitamins and a greens supplement are always how I start my day!

I’ve recently been getting back to protein shakes in the morning, immediately after lifting. This staves off hunger until I get to work and makes sure I don’t get the shakes from low blood sugar while driving. Today, while I drove Juno pup to doggie playcare, I sipped on my mint chocolate recipe. If there’s interest, happy to share the recipe once it’s perfected 🙂 IMG_2748

Once I got to work, I had a yummy breakfast of roasted veggies (radishes, tomatoes, and cauliflower) and eggs. I would prefer egg whites but whole eggs are what’s here and they are a good source of healthy fat. My side of fruit was full of berries and mango (my starchy carb).  If I hadn’t worked out, I would have stuck to just berries.


#Butfirstcoffee (well second). A giant cup of coffee with half and half is always on my plan.


Sometimes I do have a morning snack but today, I was distracted and didn’t even feel hungry. Instead, I stuck with my #BAS! SO MANY VEGGIES. I love doing a salad for lunch because I can eat a lot of volume. With chicken and some Ceser dressing, I couldn’t ask for more 😉


As it IS #winewednesday, I enjoyed a CAN of this delicious Underwood wine I found in Austin. It seriously is the BEST. When in California for break, I looked up how much it would cost to ship…


For dinner, I had leftover turkey chili (want the recipe?) with a bunch of steamed kale (not pictured). I make a huge portion and freeze most of it. It’s a super healthy dinner that can last for ages when you pop it in the freezer. , I *may* have had a small glass of some bubbly in my fridge.IMG_2756.JPG

Before bed, I partook in my regular snack. Non-fat plain greek yogurt with protein powder and a little bit of granola (and a sea salt caramel cuz #winenot). I find this fuels me for my early morning workout. It’s also something I look forward to throughout the day! Totally worth it 🙂


Did you participate in #winewednesday? Do you have a fave I should try?

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