Why do I binge? The #1 reason

Most women will question – at one time or another – why do I binge eat? This can be such a tough question – and one that can be so isolating. We believe so deeply that binge eating is our struggle alone. But, as I have connected with hundreds of women over the last two years, it’s become clear that binge eating is a super common problem that leads to a lot of food guilt, weight gain, and an overall poor relationship with food.

Do you think this thing will ever stop? I’m so afraid of this never rending as I want to recover and do want to get happy, healthy, and free.

I lost a lot of weight on a very restrictive diet and lifting. After a while of that, I found myself on the floor binging on ice cream and chips.

My number one goal is to deal with the guilt around binges – I want to improve my relationship with food.

And I get it.

For years, I would eat clean every week until Friday…when I would drink three Mike’s HardER Lemonades, takeout sweet potato fries, and Halo Top ice cream. I’d wake up feeling guilty, bloated, and miserable every Friday. It was a vicious cycle that I didn’t know how to escape.

So I too asked myself the same big question…

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Why do I binge?

From working with dozens of women 1:1 over the last two years, I’ve found there’s one main reason that keeps you from quitting binge eating and finally finding consistency.

And it’s pretty simple: you’re restricting too much.

When we hold ourselves back, try to eat perfectly, and follow strict food rules, we have a really hard time with consistent healthy eating…all because we’re restricting like crazy.

It’s not about willpower or finding the perfect diet plan. It’s about making sure you’re getting enough food.

First, I encourage ladies to focus on protein and produce. This should be the foundation of every meal. Show me how you’re doing it by hashtagging #proteinandproducefirst so I can support you!

Once you have a solid foundation of protein and produce,  it’s really important to actually incorporate indulgences to help keep you from binging. When we allow ourselves to indulge, in a structured way, we make progress towards eating intuitively without gaining weight. One way you can do that is through using #MyConsciousIndulgence Guide. This simple guide will help you incorporate indulgences in a way that helps you feel IN control and making progress to your goals.

By ensuring you’re eating the right diet for you – and including indulgences in a non-bingey way – you can start to lessen your binging AND get more consistent.

If you need help doing that, try my quiz below. We will unpack your #1 consistency roadblock, and I’ll send you personalized recommendations on how to fix it.

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