Full body TRX HIIT workout for women. TRX workout for beginners. TRX workout at home.

TRX HIIT Workout – Bodyweight & At Home

When it comes to versatile and portable equipment, the TRX is second to none. This super simple implement is amazing for creating full body workouts, using nothing but our bodyweight. Whether you workout at a gym or at home, incorporating TRX movements is a great way to increase your relative strength and improve stability/balance. Oh, and it’s really flipping fun. Today, I’m sharing my favorite TRX HIIT workout so that you can train with the TRX anywhere.

TRX HIIT Workout

When I’m traveling, my TRX is my go-to piece of exercise equipment, because it can be used to work your entire body (and doesn’t take up much space in a suitcase).

In fact, when I went to Ireland back in 2015 for work, the TRX was all I had. I was in a foreign country, without access to a gym or any other workout equipment. For 10 days, I did a TRX HIIT workout almost every day.

I’d wake up early, roll out of bed, grab my TRX, and hang it up in the door, using the door attachment. I’d scour YouTube and Pinterest for workout inspiration until I found a TRX HIIT workout that looked fun.

Today’s workout is inspired by the TRX HIIT workouts I would do in my corporate apartment in Ireland. It’s gonna work your entire body, with minimal equipment. I filmed the workout at the gym (for ease of camera angles) but this workout is 100% doable at home, using the TRX door attachment.

Full body TRX HIIT workout for women. TRX workout for beginners. TRX workout at home.

Instructions & real time video demo

For this TRX HIIT workout, we’re combining strength movements and cardio portions for maximum results.  We’ve got four full body strength exercises and cardio intervals in between.

We’ll perform 10 reps of each strength exercise before moving into 10 burpees. If burpees are too challenging, substitute a 60s of cardio movement (high knees, jump rope, etc) of your choice. 

As always, I’m sharing a real time, follow along video of this workout so that you can workout with me. For exercise progressions and modifications, want this real time demo. I go through one round, in real time, with you, providing ways to make the workout easier and more challenging.

Complete this circuit 3-4 rounds through for an awesome full body workout.

Single Kettlebell Workout – 6 minutes per round

You’re looking to stay more consistent with your workouts when you don’t have the time to go to the gym. #SkipTheGym could be a great fit. Try it out for free. 

Sometimes, we just need a workout that doesn’t require a ton of equipment. Whether we’re traveling, have to work out at home instead of hitting the gym, or don’t have much workout equipment available to us, having bodyweight (see all my bodyweight workouts here) and limited equipment workouts in our arsenal can help us be so much more consistent with working out.

Without them, we can slip into what I call the “fuck it” mindset. You know what I’m talking about, that moment when we’re weighing trying to fit in a workout vs. crashing on the couch to watch a few Criminal Minds reruns with a can of Mike’s HardER Lemonade, and we go “f it, I’m skipping my workout today.” (Are you making one of the top 3 workout consistency mistakes?!)

I get it. Just a couple weeks ago, Andrew and I were moving into our new condo (learn the full story on my recent IG post). We were painting, moving heavy stuff, herding the dogs, and trying to figure out why the guest bathroom toilet was flushing so dang slowly…all in 100ºF heat. Carting my crazy home gym equipment from our old apartment was the last thing I wanted to do.

I could easily have gone into that “fuck it” place, skipped my workout, and been done. But, instead, I grabbed just one piece of equipment—my kettlebell—and crushed the workout I’m sharing with you today (get free workouts delivered to your inbox every single week for the month of July here).

I had tested it out at our family cabin, and let me tell you, I absolutely loved it. It’s super simple, quick, and will work your entire body. And the best part? You can complete the workout with barely any equipment.

Full body single kettlebell workout breakdown

Full body kettlebell workout. Kettlebell workout video. Fat burning kettlebell workout.

The workout has six exercises that you’ll do for 12 reps each. In between each exercise, we’ll complete 12 kettlebell swings. The kettlebell swings are great for bringing our heart rate up within this strength workout.

Follow along with me real time in this video and repeat the video 2-3x, depending on how much time you have.

This workout is perfect if you’re traveling for the 4th of July and don’t wanna carry around a bunch of equipment. Complete this kettlebell workout with a single kettlebell or dumbbell.

If you enjoyed this workout and want more free workouts, sign up to beta test my newest program, #SkipTheGym. For the month of July, I’ll be sending you free weekly workouts until the program drops on August 1. Grab more info (and get free workouts) here.

Full Body, Bodyweight Stair Workout

Sign ups are now open for #StressFreeStrength, my FREE 10 day fitness challenge to help you get back on track with your workouts, stress free! Crush 8 workouts over 10 days, and get a chance to win free coaching with me! Join in for free here!

When we are pressed for time and have zero equipment, sometimes it’s best to turn to the things that are already around us. Whether traveling or at home, we often aren’t far away from a set of stairs. So that kind of makes it the perfect piece of workout equipment, doesn’t it? That’s why I decided to share today’s newest full body stair workout.

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a workout, so after Andrew and my trip to Healdsburg (see the shenanigans on Instagram), I wanted to create a workout we can do while traveling.

As I started thinking about the workout I wanted to create, I started thinking about the time in high school I went to Washington DC on a class trip. Thousands of high schoolers flocked to DC to see the 2008 election. Apparently, my school had worked out some sort of agreement with the hotel that barred the students from using the hotel gym. Now, I was in the throws of my eating disorder and absolutely panicked at not being able to work out. We were seeing museums and sitting in buses all day. There was no way I wasn’t working out.

I remember weighing the options in my mind and settling on using the stairs. I was so scared to wake up my roommates that I simply walked up and down ten flights of stairs for an hour.

Looking back now, I had options (quick bodyweight circuit in the hallway anyone?) but this memory got me inspired to create a workout JUST using the stairs. I’m sharing that workout with you, today.

What is it?

Today’s stair workout will work your entire body. One round will take about 6 minutes to complete, and I recommend completing 2-3 rounds for a full workout.

Today's full body bodyweight stair workout will work your entire body. One round will take about 6 minutes to complete, and I recommend completing 2-3 rounds for a full workout.

As always, be sure to incorporate a warm up and some activation per the DARR Formula for Effective Workouts.

If you’d like to follow along with me, you can use one of my favorite warm up routines.

What do I need to complete this stair workout?

You’ll need a flight of stairs. That’s it! I’m using the stairs (there are 12 steps) leading up to my second story apartment

If you have more stairs (like a set of bleachers), that works too. I’d suggest breaking up the exercises into reps of 12-16.

How should I incorporate this stair workout into my routine?

This stair workout incorporates both conditioning and a bit of strength training. Given that we’re not lifting super heavy weights, you can include this workout 2-3x per week in your workout plan (learn more about how I create my workout plans here).

As always, take it to your level. I’ll provide modifications and form cues in the demo video below. If you’re looking to progress this workout without adding any equipment, I’ll show you how here.

Let me know if you have questions! I hope you enjoy this one (more bodyweight workouts here) as much as I did!

If you’re ready to dial it in but don’t know where to start or how to get back on track without getting super obsessive about it, #StressFreeStrength is for you.

#StressFreeStrength is unique, because I’m gonna show you exactly how to structure your workouts in a way that keeps you from getting stressed out. The goal is to crush 8 workouts (all 30 minutes or less and doable at home) over 10 days, and every lady who completes all 8 will be put in the running to win free coaching with me.

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What’s your workout today!?

My go-to full body workout

You’re all psyched up to workout, lace up your shoes, and walk downstairs to the hotel gym. You know you want to do an awesome full body workout but as soon as you walk through the gym doors, your mind blanks. Without a workout video to follow, you have no idea what to do. You may even default to getting on the treadmill out of convenience.

This situation sounds all too familiar to me! So many times, I’d find myself in the middle of a hotel gym without a clue of what to do. I followed along with real time videos for most of my workouts at home, so without the convenience of a follow along workout, I was pretty lost.

That’s why I came up with this exact full body workout. This circuit is SUPER easy to remember and do in absolutely any hotel gym.

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Your Thanksgiving Workout – Turkey Day Travel HIIT

Gahhhhh! Can you BELIEVE it is one week from Thanksgiving?! I am SO excited to head out to California to be with my family and friends in just a few days.

I LOVE Thanksgiving. Frankly, it’s refreshing to have a holiday that focuses on family, love, and appreciation instead of exchanging presents. In my family, Thanksgiving is a weeklong affair. We do Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday with my dad’s family and then Saturday night is another Thanksgiving meal with mom’s family. To break things up, Andrew and I escape our families and head up to the mountains on Thursday night to digest and relax with the pups.

Heading up to the mountains is one of my favorite traditions, but it does make getting a workout in a little more challenging. Because we leave straight from Thanksgiving dinner, I’m not able to pack equipment, so I take my workout bodyweight.

That’s where today’s Thanksgiving workout comes in!

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Halloween Bootcamp Workout: Fry Fat Fast HIIT

Happy Halloween, my friends! I’ve got a special treat (see what I did there?) for you on this Monday–a Halloween Bootcamp Workout!

I’m not a big Halloween enthusiast. I think this is largely because I don’t eat tons of candy and am not around a ton of kids right now. IMHO, Halloween is best spent with children–they get SO excited about that free candy.

Putting Juno in a Halloween themed bandana is about as much as I celebrate!

Halloween Juno

So, whether you’re trick-or-treating with kids, passing out candy, or hitting a Halloween party, this workout is perfect to do beforehand.

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Wednesday WOD: 25th birthday HIIT workout

Hey friends! Happy Workout Wednesday! It’s also a huge day for me, because it’s my 25th birthday!

Twenty-four has been a crazy year. I moved to Texas, joined a new Google team, started a blog and coaching business, and discovered so much about myself. Truthfully, I can’t wait to see what 25 will bring. I’ve got lots of awesome projects in the works that I’m excited to share with you.

But, back to today.

As you know, every Wednesday, I share a workout. So in true Katherine Lynn Fitness fashion, I decided to write up a special workout and celebrate my birthday by sharing it with you!

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10 minute, full body ladder workout

Happy Friday-Eve, lovelies! You ready for a ladder workout to work your entire body?

This is one of my favorite style of workouts to do while traveling, so I wanted to share another awesome bodyweight workout quickie.

When you’re traveling, sometimes fitting in workouts can be a challenge, let alone getting to the gym. When this is the case,  I see lots of my clients and friends skipping workouts or resorting to steady state cardio (like running or walking outside).

That’s why I created this HIIT ladder workout.

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Wednesday WOD: Three in One Chained Complexes

Happy final hump day of September, my friends!

The truth is, I cannot believe that we are almost DONE with September. Before we know it, it’ll be Halloween, and I, for one, can’t wait for October. The first two weeks of October bring a LOT of crazy:  my one year anniversary in Austin, Andrew’s birthday, a long trip home, and my 25th birthday celebration.

With so much going on, fitting in workouts can be a challenge. Getting to the gym is really hard when life gets busy, so I see lots of my clients and friends skipping workouts or resorting to steady state cardio (like running or walking outside).

Now, don’t get me wrong, any activity is better than no activity. But the truth is, weighted, resistance based training should be included in your exercise routine, regardless of where you are, gym or living room. Enter today’s workout. 

Well, I guess I shouldn’t get ahead of myself!

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Wednesday WOD: bodyweight tabata workout

Do you find it hard to motivate yourself to workout while traveling? Or maybe you want to get your workout in while away but don’t know where to start. Either way, this “do anywhere” workout is absolutely perfect for you because we’re taking it bodyweight.

With another Workout Wednesday upon us, I’m sharing a bodyweight workout that I love to do when I’m pressed for time and don’t have any equipment with me.

First things first, bodyweight workouts are possibly the most effective way to improve your relative strength while also getting a cardio burn. And let’s be real. We’ve gotta be be able to move and lift our bodyweight before we add additional weight, right? Five bodyweight squat reps with a full range of motion are much better than 10 sloppy ones.

That’s all well and good, but the  other key benefit of incorporating bodyweight training into your routine, especially if you would otherwise skip a workout, is that you can get your sweat on anywhere. It’s all about knowing what to do with your body that turns it into the most expensive piece of fitness equipment.

Don’t worry, we got this.

Today’s workout is all about (1) effective, (2) fast, and (3) doable absolutely anywhere. When these are the rules, I’ll choose the tabata protocol, incorporating full body exercises, every single time.

Why bodyweight tabata?

Tabata increases excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. This means extra calorie burn even AFTER you finish your workout, which is awesome when you’re only working out for about fifteen minutes.

The traditional tabata protocol is tough. It requires you to work as hard as you possibly can for :20, rest for :10, and repeat for the allotted number of rounds.

In practice, each tabata will look like this:

Exercise 1 x :20
Rest x :10
Exercise 2 x :20
Rest :10

Today’s workout is based on this protocol but the most important thing is that you listen to your body. if it is too difficult for you to recover in :10 seconds, double the rest period. Next time you try the workout, see if you can drop the rest down to :15 or :10. This is one of my favorite ways to progress a workout without adding equipment.

There are three tabata circuits for you to complete. I suggest resting for one to two minutes between each circuit.

Do you find it hard to motivate yourself to workout while traveling? Or maybe you want to get your workout in while away but don't know where to start. Either way, this "do anywhere" workout is absolutely perfect for you because we're taking it bodyweight!

Looking for a longer workout? Hit this bodyweight tabata beast twice through!

If you have questions on the exercises, check out the video for form cues.

Have a fantastic, fit, and fun hump day! If you need some motivation, follow along with me!

Let me know what you think of this workout!

What’s your workout request?