Things I’m Loving Friday #7

A short list of my favorite things this week!, including the Women’s Strength Summit and some NASM study tips!

We’ve made it through another week! I’m excited that it’s already March. It’s supposed to be glorious outside, so I plan to take advantage of the sunshine. A birthday party at a local winery, training class with Juno, and an orangetheory class (my first 90 minute session…..) are on the agenda. I’ll report back on my experience 🙂

Now, for some of the things I’m loving this week!

Women’s Strength Summit

I’m a junky for women’s fitness and mindset discussions. I already listen to Steph Gaudreau’s podcast, so I was hooked when I heard about her strength summit. It’s completely free, totally accessible, and full of interviews with some of the women in the industry I respect most. Definitely check it out.

Juno at Playcare

If you follow me on instagram, you’ve already seen this picture but it is so cute I have to share it again. When I first saw it, I was on the phone with a candidate and lost it. Oops.


Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Not normally one to watch a YouTube video that’s longer than 5 minutes, but this one was worth it. Everyone seems to be talking about Donald Trump but I thought this piece was especially compelling (and hilarious).

NASM Study Tips from PBFingers

With my CPT exam set for next month, I’m spending a lot of my non-work time studying. I came across this set of study tips on one of my favorite blogs and am definitely taking advantage of it! Julie’s the best.

Overhead Press

I thought it’d be fun to share my favorite exercise of the week! My shoulders are super duper sore from doing heavy overhead presses, and I love it. Start with two to three sets of 12-15 reps with a medium weight. If you have questions on proper form, comment below and I’d love to give you pointers.

OH Press.jpg

Tell me one of your faves 🙂 

Things I’m Loving #5…a Little Late

Hey everyone! I hope y’all are doing great, and enjoyed your weekend! Juno and I have been in California, enjoying time away with our little family. My ‘things I’m loving’ post was delayed.

My bad!!! I’m doing my best to write fun posts while still keeping up with my CPT exam course. It’s harder than I thought to balance everything. Regardless, give me feedback about what you’d like to see on the blog. I write for all of you!

Oatmega bars

Have you guys seen these? I needed a quick snack after my lifting sesh on Saturday and found these bars. They’ve got omega-3s, protein, and fiber! Pretty sure these are going to become my go-to snack bar.


SFO “airport” food

I was pretty damn amazed at the options at the airport. It made me happy to see healthy foods and people eating them! It’s such a far cry from five years ago when traveling made it hard to eat good food.


The truth about body fat %

I’m pretty pleased with the response from my recent post. Thanks to everyone who reached out with love and support <3

My cuddle bugs together again

One of the highlights of being in California was watching Juno and Dany together. They play so well, and love each other. They did NOT want to be separated Sunday morning.



Chin ups!

Andrew and I got in a phenomenal workout on Saturday that included a superset of front squats and chin ups–brutal! I’ve been working so hard to progress my chin ups, and just this week was able to string two together. My goals are lofting, but I’m getting there! Video on my instagram 😀

There’s a little encouragement for your Monday!

Turkey Burger Recipe “For Dummies”

Hello from California! I’ve missed chatting with all of you! Things have been pretty crazy, especially with my eTeach NASM CPT class officially starting today. Guys, there will be grades and everything. While I am super excited, I also want to be mindful of not overcommitting. Please let me know below the types of posts you enjoy so I can best target upcoming posts to your interests!

I hope you had a fantastic long weekend! Ours started SO early on Saturday–4:30am!–to make our flight out of Austin. The flight was uneventful, even though Juno was confused why nobody was paying attention to her.


Soon after landing, we hit the road, heading up to the mountains for our Valentine’s Day weekend.  We spent a lot of time relaxing, watching movies, and hanging with the dogs. I even got a great workout in outside and took long walks with all the dogs. I posted some fun pictures on Instagram too 🙂

Cooking on vacation kind of reminds me of cooking during the work week. We never want to spend a lot of time on it and would much rather hang out with our loved ones. That’s why I designed this “turkey burger for dummies” recipe. It’s fool proof, and super easy to modify based on what you’ve got on hand.

No bread crumbs? Shred some zucchini, crush some crackers/croutons!  

Can’t find extra lean turkey? Omit the sausage and add some roasted bell peppers and onion. 


I also love this recipe because you can create meals across the scope of “healthy.” If folks want to add cheese, a bun, or some baked fries, sweet. Super modifiable! Here’s my dinner from Sunday night: turkey burger covered in tomato, onion, and lettuce, grilled zucchini, grilled asparagus, and a small handful of sweet potato tots. Wine not pictured 😀


Think of this recipe as a framework! Play around with flavors and let me know what you come up with.

Things I’m Loving Friday #3

Hello again, friends! It’s that time of the week where we do a round up of some of the awesome parts of the week. I’d really love it to be a conversation! Let me know what’s making you smile in the comments below <3

Protein Powder Delivery


I took a break from using whey protein powder for the month of January, giving my digestive system a break and utilizing alternative protein powders. Now I am ready to try something new! Gnarly has good reviews and doesn’t have any crap in it, so we’ll see how it tastes!

Yard Bar


With Juno back to full activity (yay!), we’ve been frequenting a local dog park/bar. GUYS. It’s amazing. They serve food and drinks and also have yard monitors helping keep play positive. Great place to hang out and relax with your pup.


Google is definitely known for its wacky employees but today was a display above any I’ve seen. We had a doggie fashion show happy hour, complete with a dog treat bar and kissing booth. It was definitely fun to relax and hang with all the dogs. Unsurprisingly, Juno had a great time 🙂

IMG_2954.JPGTotally the prettiest girl at the ball <3IMG_2952.JPG

Heading Home!

This is my last weekend in Austin before flying home for President’s Day! I’m so looking forward to being with my family and furbabies. We’re taking the dogs up to the snow again-though it’s the first time Juno will be able to run and play freely-and I cannot wait.

Have a great weekend, lovelies!

Things I’m Loving Friday #2

Back to the regularly scheduled program after yesterday’s announcement 😉

Last night, after a team happy hour, I came home to hang with Juno and do some for my CPR/AED training (requirements for the NASM CPT exam). It was a nice end to the day.

I hope ya’ll have had a great week. As we finish up January, I wanted to share some of my favorites from the week!!

Juno in Office


Juno grew up at Google. Since she was 3 months old (aka, when I started fostering her), she’s spent her days hanging out with me at work. It’s been so good for her socialization and for my stress levels. My Austin office is not dog friendly, so working without her has been an adjustment for both of us. Today though, I’m headed into a different Google office that does welcome its dooglers, cannot wait!


If you are anything like me, you find yourself wearing the same three shirts and two pairs of jeans 24-7. Even with Stitch Fix kindly styling me with new clothes every few months (I love you, Laura), I stick to the basics, leaving my closet full of beautiful clothes I never wear. Enter threadUP, a service that will PAY for you to ship your ‘like new’ clothing to them and PAY you for the items they keep, donating the rest to charity. I sent a huge bag out on Monday and have been feeling very accomplished all week.


Friends Visiting!

One of my best friends is flying in today, and I can’t wait! We are going to relax, hang out with Juno, and eat/drink up a storm 🙂 It’ll be a great weekend. I’m missing home a lot so, here’s hoping this will help! I would love if you check out our shenanigans on my Instagram 🙂

Austin’s Winter Weather

With a friend coming into town, I had to check the weather and was pleasantly surprised to see we are avoiding El Niño. Needless to say, we will spend much time outdoors!

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 1.02.40 PM.png

Being Back in the (online) Classroom

I’ve started attacking some self-study materials for my NASM CPT exam, and am LOVING it. Learning about something I actually care about and plan to use is so different than I remember about being in school. It becomes more, how can I use this to help? Why does this actually matter?

Happy weekend, lovelies! Ya’ll deserve it! Let me know your big plans.

Fitness According to Dog

Warning: doggie focused post below <3 

We made it through Monday! How’s your week starting out? Mine is going okay. We had a BIG win yesterday in our little household: Juno was back to full activity at her doggie daycare! Let’s just say, it’s left her a little tired.


As some of you may know, Juno’s been out of commission for a third of her life due to genetic knee issues. Since May 2015, when Juno was diagnosed with a luxating patella, our lives were turned upside down. Our happy, active puppy would intermittently go lame, to the point we would have to carry her around, but for the longest time, vets didn’t know what was wrong (they thought it was something wrong with her foot).

When she finally growled at me in pain, I knew she needed to see an orthopedic surgeon. Thankfully, there is a PHENOMENAL clinic in California, that got me in the next day for a consult, and surgery the day after. Everything happened so fast.  It was one of the scariest things I’ve ever had to deal with as an ‘adult.’

Suddenly, this dog had to go from jumping, running, and playing to confinement to a space smaller than most bathrooms. She had to watch her sister play and snuggle while she had to lay separately. Perhaps hardest of all, she wasn’t able to sleep with us for fear she would jump up on the bed and tear out her implant. It was such a hard transition, as for anyone who’s struggled with an injury.

The crazy thing? She listened. This puppy followed instructions and rested (mostly). I’m not sure if she was listening to her body or me but she was 90% good. Yes, she played with her sis or tried to sprint during our walks but overall, she rested, allowing her body to heal.


Three months later, this little nugget was back to playing, loving on her sister, and moving to Texas. We were so happy to watch her enjoy life again

Until we weren’t. After we’d been in Austin for two and a half weeks, Juno tore all the soft tissue around her ‘good’ knee, requiring an emergency room visit and surgery ASAP. It was the worst possible timing-another post for another time. Regardless, she was a trooper and dealt with another surgery, like a champ.

Now, why does this matter? Why does her return to full activity even matter for us humans?

It’s a great reminder that we need to be cognizant of listening to our bodies!

  • Even today, you may expect a pup to go full gusto into being able to play again. Not the case. Juno paced herself, laying down in the middle of sessions to rest.
  • She’s ‘going to bed early,’ taking it easy as she re-enters her activity.
  • She’s listened to professionals throughout the recovery process, letting her know to take it easy as she moves towards her full self.
  • We’re working through muscle building exercises to be sure that she doesn’t have muscle imbalances.

Thanks for bearing with me with this ‘silly’ post. I hope you got some insight out of this.

Let me know your thoughts. How have you recovered from an injury? What’s your best practice?

MLK Weekend Recap

Hey friends! I hope you had a phenomenal long weekend! We sure did! Plenty of outdoor time, eating delicious food, and just plain relaxing. Taking Andrew to the airport was really hard. Over the last three months, I’ve become relatively used to leaving. Dropping someone off feels completely different. Today is really hard, so I would rather focus a little more on the incredible weekend we had together.


We started the weekend with a killer workout. I dragged him to his first Orangetheory fitness class. We had such a blast! I tried to take a sweaty selfie but he definitely wasn’t having any of that! 🙂


After class, we thought Juno deserved an outing too, so we brought her to St. Edwards Trail at Bull Creek. We took a walk, played in the water, and enjoyed the beautiful day. Less than a week, and she will be back to full activity (first time since early October!!!).


We also went to one of my favorite Austin restaurants for dinner and drinks with Juno. Part of why I love it so much is that they are SO dog friendly. In the winter, they put a tent up on the patio so you can still bring your pup.


After attempting yoga…

“Yoga” with Juno

We headed out for brunch and $1 mimosas. Yes. You read correctly $1 mimosas AND dog friendly. Talk about a win-win! The best part was when Juno broke a plate trying to spiderman her way up the wall to a bird….the whole place cheered! She was an angel after that little episode.

You may have seen this on my Instagram but it’s so good, it’s worth re-sharing!

The rest of the day was spent napping and relaxing (aka, doing absolutely nothing and loving every minute). However, we did pretend to be productive adults and cooked dinner with Blue Apron’s help before proceeding to camp out on the couch. It was definitely fun to cook together after eating out a fair bit.


Our last day was very laid back. We spent a good portion of the day outside, eating tacos (after lifting heavy of course), walking Juno, and hanging out downtown.

Mmmmm Taco Deli



We also hit up another Whole Foods in the area and sampled some local beer/wine before heading home to cook dinner and sleep early to ensure we made the early flight. Of course, we had plenty of cuddles while watching a movie. There were also a ton of Juno shenanigans that are all over my Instagram.


How was your weekend, friends?

Things I’m Loving Friday #1

It’s Friday! And the Friday before a long weekend here in the US! Let me tell you, I am SO ready to enjoy the weekend. Andrew is here with me and Juno, and we are gonna tear up the town. And by that, I mean have some yummy food, drink good beer/wine, and hang out outside on this beautiful Austin weekend.


Things I’m Loving!

Lazy morning


Rarely do I drink coffee at home, let alone work out at 10.30am! It’s always go-go-go. TBH, I know it’s going to be a great day when I have a cup of coffee before I work out. For me, that’s kind of a sign I am slowing down. In 2016, I need to do this more!

Cards from Grandma


I’m the first one from my family to move more than an hour away, and I miss my family so much. Today, I received a card from my 91 year old grandma that made me cry. So much love. If you needed a reminder to tell someone you love him/her, this is it! <3



For lunch I had possibly the best salad ever. It was a total kitchen sink salad that had everything from beef tenderloin to cranberries to avocado. That + guacamole and chips + a French 75 made for a perfect day-off lunch!

This guy


So incredibly happy he’s here visiting. It was amazing to hang out, relax, and eat/drink together again.

Sleepy Juno


She’s attached to his hip and I think that’s tired her out!

We’re off to grab some noms from Whole Foods (did you know they started up here in Austin??) and watch a movie. Have a great weekend!!