Things I’m Loving Friday #11

Sharing my faves from the week on the blog, join in!

Happiest of Fridays, lovelies! I honestly cannot believe that it’s April. This will mark the six month mark of moving to Austin….hard to believe.

Anyways….how are you going to spend this first weekend of the month? Juno and I start our canine good citizen prep course with Love-A-Bull Sunday morning (bright and early…8am…). We’re pumped!

Wanted to pass along some of my favorites from this week, both across the interwebz and in ‘real’ life!

Building IKEA furniture

Finally got my TV stand, and put it together all by myself. <insert proud face here> It may have taken two hours, and I’m still not sure how step 28 is supposed to work, it’s done My apartment is really starting to feel like a home. See the before and afters below!!

Finding Underwood wine in a bottle!

Literally one of my favorite wines has only been known to me in cans. When I came across the bottle version, I had to hold myself back from buying seven of them.


Flapjacked Mighty Muffins

OMG. One of my friends sent me a gift of these yummy treats, and they are amazing. I’m slightly obsessed and want to figure out a way to make them myself (stay tuned). Perfect breakfast after a tough orangetheory workout!


Juno’s attempts at working out

If you’ve taken a look at the instagram feed, you know Juno is super needy. She absolutely loves the yoga mat, and I think that’s part of why she has to be in every video I film.


Post Flashbacks!

Now that we are entering the fourth month of a Fit Girl and Her Dog, I wanted to share my favorite posts from the first few months 🙂


Ideas on Self Hate: Courtesy of the FitCast

The Truth About Body Fat %


Since earlier in 2016, I’ve realized that the video demos are probably pretty helpful. Oops. If you’d like me to film demos for any of the older workouts, let me know in the comments or shoot me an email!

Full Body Workout with Cardio Bursts

Upper Body Triset Workout


Turkey Burger Recipe “For Dummies”

Slow Cooker Chicken Piccata

What’s been the highlight of your week?

Things I’m Loving Friday #10

Sharing my faves from the week on the blog, join in!

TGIF friends!! What are you up to this Easter weekend?!

New Arctic Zero Flavors

Omg. I shouldn’t be this excited but am absolutely loving the new flavors Arctic Zero put out recently. The brownie chunks made my Friday night.


Starting a new phase of training

In my current training plan, we’ve been working on mastering the chin up. In three months, I’ve gone from being able to complete zero to stringing three full chin ups together! Next phase, we are focusing on the depth and range of motion of our pistol squat. Cannot wait to see what this phase will bring!

Fitness Idol Follower!

I try not to get to focused on likes or follows on social media but this was so dang cool. After commenting on Melissa’s recent post, she started following my feed! Literally fell over. SO cool. I look up to Melissa and hope someday my blog can help as many people as her’s!IMG_3289

Albion Fit Swims

I absolutely love this brand. Their models are real women, and all of their swimsuits are modest but still beautiful and sexy. I already have this one and am getting ready to buy another!

Coming home

My next trip is booked for April 5th and I cannot wait to jump on that plane to be home for 11 days <3

What’s been the highlight of your week?

Things I’m Loving Friday #8

TGIF! Sharing a fun survey on the blog, join in!

TGIF friends!! It’s been quite the week, full of lots of studying and crazy weather that makes work extra difficult. Chatting with a coworker yesterday made it very clear that the Netflix and chill vibe we all seem to be feeling comes straight from thestorm. Needless to say, as a California native, four days of thunderstorms definitely makes me want to crawl into bed! IMG_3167.jpg

I’d like to do something a little different for our weekly things I’m loving round up, inspired by Julie over at PBFingers. The survey is pretty straightforward, so definitely chime in below!

Currently listening to…


Aubrie Sellers! I’m obsessed with her new album. After hearing “Light of Day” on the radio, I impulse bought the album. DEFINITELY a good plan. Her lyrics remind me of Miranda Lambert, with a more bluesy, gravelly voice.

Currently craving…


Peet’s Coffee. I still haven’t found coffee I love in Texas. Any recommendations would be great!

Currently cooking…


ANYTHING in the slow cooker. I absolutely love making some shredded chicken in the crockpot and using it throughout the week. Would it help to see how I utilize one or two proteins to make a bunch of dinners? Let me know in the comments below.

Currently anticipating…


A trip home! I fly back to California on April 8th. Hopefully my best friend will be in town for one of the weekends as well. It will be nice to see family, my other pup, and work from our HQ office.

Currently daydreaming about…

Traveling outside the US again. Google just launched a super cool product changing the way we can book travel, so of course that started me thinking. SO many places…

Currently watching…


Luther! Love any sort of crime show with a few haunted personalities. Any recommendations?

Currently avoiding…

Taking my midterm. Okay, so the midterm isn’t technically due until next Sunday, but I’m dreading it. This is my first ‘real’ exam since 2013, so I’m a tad nervous.

Currently reading…

perfect day

The Perfect Day Formula. I’m in a little book club with the ladies in my training group. Although I haven’t been participating a ton in the questions, I’m listening to/reading, the book! There definitely have been a couple key takeaways that have helped my productivity, namely changing around my schedule and waking 15 minutes earlier.

Currently needing…

Sandals. I don’t have hot weather shoes besides flip flops out here, and it’s getting warm! Gotta get some work appropriate shoes out here.

Currently indulging in…


You guessed it! Wine. Although I’m drinking a bit less based off of my crazy schedule, the nights I enjoy a glass of wine are an awesome indulgence.

Currently loving…

Taking obedience classes with Juno again. Working with her brings me so much joy, and I’m hoping that we can get eventually serve others together. I’ve signed us up to take the canine good citizen exam next month, so the pressure is on.

What’s up with you?!

Pick a few “Currently” prompts above to answer below! 

Grapefruit & Chicken Salad Recipe

This fresh, seasonal salad recipe is a quick and delicious meal. Customize the recipe based on your needs and preferences!

Hi there, friends! Happy Hump Day! How’s your week going?

As some of you know, I started using farmhouse delivery to get my produce from local Austin farmers. I love this service because they share seasonal, sustainable foods in each bushel.

This week I got the medium bushel with:

  • Lettuce
  • Bok choy
  • Grapefruit
  • Red potatoes
  • Carrots
  • Sugar snap peas

I’m using this service to help me grow my cooking chops. I’m not a bad cook by any means but I stick with the same foods that I am comfortable using! So when I received grapefruit, I literally had no idea what to do with it; all I could think of was making a vodka greyhound 😀

That’s where the other benefit of farmhouse delivery comes in. They don’t just give you produce but also include recipes to kickstart your cooking.


This week, I am testing out their salad with grapefruit and snap peas. It’s a great example of taking a recipe and modifying based off of your likes/dislikes and what’s available. For example, I am not a huge fan of avocado, couldn’t find fennel, and wanted to add more protein, so I made the below.

grapefruit &amp; chicken salad

Sometimes you gotta take what you’ve got and make it work. This turned into a delicious Saturday lunch!


What recipe have you made (and loved) recently?


Things I’m Loving Friday #6

Happy Friday, lovelies! I’ve unfortunately caught a pretty nasty cold and am taking it easy this weekend. Damn planes. Juno and I have a couple doggie playdates set up and we start a new obedience class on Sunday night. It’ll be a quiet weekend. What are you up to?

In Friday fashion, below are some of my faves from the week!

Follow up on The Truth About Body Fat %

While reading my blogs yesterday, I found that one of my absolute favorite bloggers (and trainers) posted about body fat %. It’s a great read and offers actionable tips to setting a healthy goal for yourself, which I love!

Farmhouse Delivery


In an effort to eat more locally, I signed up for farmhouse delivery and received my first bushel yesterday. The food is all locally grown in Texas and is delivered right to my door, pretty awesome. You can also purchase other artisan foods, local dairy, and meat. I’ve got ground bison coming next week–how cool is that?!

Stitch Fix Weekend
Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 3.03.34 PM.png

Such a happy email to receive! I have been using Stitch Fix for about a year and a half now and love it. The clothing is definitely of high quality but more than anything, it keeps me from having to shop. I honestly find shopping incredibly triggering (unless it’s for lululemon items 😀 ), so it’s a great option for me. I might possibly post a stitch fix recap next week for my friends who read the blog–I’ll ask for advice on what to keep anyway!

My First #repost!

I was so excited that one of my videos got reposted on instagram. I know it’s silly but it’s the small shows of support that mean so much as I’m starting out on this blogging adventure.

Things I’m Loving #5…a Little Late

Hey everyone! I hope y’all are doing great, and enjoyed your weekend! Juno and I have been in California, enjoying time away with our little family. My ‘things I’m loving’ post was delayed.

My bad!!! I’m doing my best to write fun posts while still keeping up with my CPT exam course. It’s harder than I thought to balance everything. Regardless, give me feedback about what you’d like to see on the blog. I write for all of you!

Oatmega bars

Have you guys seen these? I needed a quick snack after my lifting sesh on Saturday and found these bars. They’ve got omega-3s, protein, and fiber! Pretty sure these are going to become my go-to snack bar.


SFO “airport” food

I was pretty damn amazed at the options at the airport. It made me happy to see healthy foods and people eating them! It’s such a far cry from five years ago when traveling made it hard to eat good food.


The truth about body fat %

I’m pretty pleased with the response from my recent post. Thanks to everyone who reached out with love and support <3

My cuddle bugs together again

One of the highlights of being in California was watching Juno and Dany together. They play so well, and love each other. They did NOT want to be separated Sunday morning.



Chin ups!

Andrew and I got in a phenomenal workout on Saturday that included a superset of front squats and chin ups–brutal! I’ve been working so hard to progress my chin ups, and just this week was able to string two together. My goals are lofting, but I’m getting there! Video on my instagram 😀

There’s a little encouragement for your Monday!

Turkey Burger Recipe “For Dummies”

Hello from California! I’ve missed chatting with all of you! Things have been pretty crazy, especially with my eTeach NASM CPT class officially starting today. Guys, there will be grades and everything. While I am super excited, I also want to be mindful of not overcommitting. Please let me know below the types of posts you enjoy so I can best target upcoming posts to your interests!

I hope you had a fantastic long weekend! Ours started SO early on Saturday–4:30am!–to make our flight out of Austin. The flight was uneventful, even though Juno was confused why nobody was paying attention to her.


Soon after landing, we hit the road, heading up to the mountains for our Valentine’s Day weekend.  We spent a lot of time relaxing, watching movies, and hanging with the dogs. I even got a great workout in outside and took long walks with all the dogs. I posted some fun pictures on Instagram too 🙂

Cooking on vacation kind of reminds me of cooking during the work week. We never want to spend a lot of time on it and would much rather hang out with our loved ones. That’s why I designed this “turkey burger for dummies” recipe. It’s fool proof, and super easy to modify based on what you’ve got on hand.

No bread crumbs? Shred some zucchini, crush some crackers/croutons!  

Can’t find extra lean turkey? Omit the sausage and add some roasted bell peppers and onion. 


I also love this recipe because you can create meals across the scope of “healthy.” If folks want to add cheese, a bun, or some baked fries, sweet. Super modifiable! Here’s my dinner from Sunday night: turkey burger covered in tomato, onion, and lettuce, grilled zucchini, grilled asparagus, and a small handful of sweet potato tots. Wine not pictured 😀


Think of this recipe as a framework! Play around with flavors and let me know what you come up with.

Things I’m Loving Friday #4: Workout Edition

Hey there! Happiest of Fridays! Why the happiest? CUZ IT’S A LONG WEEKEND AND I AM GOING HOME! <3


It’s gonna be a great trip! As soon as we get to California, Juno and I are headed up to the mountains! We were hoping to play in the snow but not sure if that’s gonna happen….weather looks like it’ll be in the 60s. Either way, it’ll be a great way to spend a long weekend.

In the spirit of traveling, I thought I would create a workout you can take with you as you go on fantastical, exciting long weekend type adventures (although you can do this workout almost anywhere). When I travel, I usually take my TRX and jump rope with me. If I have those two items, I can have a great workout, no matter the circumstances!

Below, I’ve included a full body workout that you can do anywhere. You don’t need any equipment, just sub in high knees or BURPEES for the jump rope.

Travel HIIT

I truly hope you have an amazing weekend! Let me know your plans below 🙂

What I Ate Wednesday #3

Happiest of hump days to you, my friends! I am so freaking excited to be one day closer to the weekend!

In the WIAW spirit, I wanted to share a weekend day’s worth of eats. Weekends, or any time that your daily routine goes out the window, can be quite a bit harder on the nutrition front, so I thought it may help to see a typical Sunday rest day’s meals for me.


After plenty of coffee + cream at church, I like to make myself a big egg white scramble. This one included a zucchini, leftover ground beef, a little marinara sauce, and parmesan cheese.

image1 (1).JPG


A couple hours later, I grabbed a green juice when taking Juno to the park. I like green juice because it helps hydrate me while also getting good veggies too.



For lunch, I made myself a #BAS. Basically started with one of Trader Joe’s pre-made salads, added kale, broccoli slaw, and about 3oz roasted turkey. Although the pre-made salad had some black beans and sunflower seeds, it’s really important for me to not skimp on protein. If I do, I feel really shaky!



While studying/reading my textbook, I made myself some protein “cookie dough” with some fresh blueberries. This super easy snack (protein powder + coconut flour + almond milk) gives me just enough energy to make it to dinner.



While finishing up dinner, I start sipping on kombucha per usual. Yum…


For dinner, I had some cauliflower ‘fried rice’ and some steak. This is totally proof eating healthy doesn’t have to be difficult. I did not wash, prep, or chop anything!



As I get in bed, I have my regular nighttime snack of greek yogurt, PB2 (or protein powder), chocolate chips, and a little granola. It feels like a treat! When it stopped feeling like a treat, I know it’s time to pick a new nighttime snack. I never like to go to bed hungry or deprived, especially because I work out in the morning!!


Things I’m Loving Friday #3

Hello again, friends! It’s that time of the week where we do a round up of some of the awesome parts of the week. I’d really love it to be a conversation! Let me know what’s making you smile in the comments below <3

Protein Powder Delivery


I took a break from using whey protein powder for the month of January, giving my digestive system a break and utilizing alternative protein powders. Now I am ready to try something new! Gnarly has good reviews and doesn’t have any crap in it, so we’ll see how it tastes!

Yard Bar


With Juno back to full activity (yay!), we’ve been frequenting a local dog park/bar. GUYS. It’s amazing. They serve food and drinks and also have yard monitors helping keep play positive. Great place to hang out and relax with your pup.


Google is definitely known for its wacky employees but today was a display above any I’ve seen. We had a doggie fashion show happy hour, complete with a dog treat bar and kissing booth. It was definitely fun to relax and hang with all the dogs. Unsurprisingly, Juno had a great time 🙂

IMG_2954.JPGTotally the prettiest girl at the ball <3IMG_2952.JPG

Heading Home!

This is my last weekend in Austin before flying home for President’s Day! I’m so looking forward to being with my family and furbabies. We’re taking the dogs up to the snow again-though it’s the first time Juno will be able to run and play freely-and I cannot wait.

Have a great weekend, lovelies!