Three workout mistakes that are keeping you inconsistent

Do you want to learn to stay consistent so that you can hit the gym without motivation or willpower? I’ve cracked the code on how to get consistent with our workouts and I’m sharing it in #SpringIntoConsistency [sign ups close for the rest of 2017 on Sunday].

Struggling to stay consistent with our workout routine sucks. Sometimes we’re on it. Our workouts fit perfectly into our schedule, our motivation is high, and we’ve got tons of energy. All is good. Until, suddenly, out of nowhere, we’re sitting on the couch watching the Bachelor, realizing it’s been two weeks since we last hit the gym.


I get it. I hear from women all the time who are working so hard to get consistent with their fitness. They know that eating healthy and exercising is “good for us” but they can have a hard time implementing. They buy countless online training programs, download free workout templates, and sign up for Classpass (see why you’re not getting the results you want here), believing that this time will be different, but they’re still missing workouts. (If this sounds like you, my #SpringIntoConsistency2017 program could be a great fit. Check it out and sign up here).

In our minds, it shouldn’t be so difficult. We shouldn’t continue to struggle even when we *know* working out is super important–and even a priority.

Well, I’ve found that we struggle to make our workouts consistent, because we’re making the same we’re-doing-the-best-we-can-and-trying-to-do-all-the-right-things kind of mistakes over and over.

No more.

Today, I’m sharing the top three workout mistakes that are keeping us from consistency in our workouts AND how to overcome each workout mistake using a #ConsistencyKey. A #ConsistencyKey is a high-impact behavior that makes a huge impact on our ability to be consistent. If you’re new to exercise or struggling to get consistent once and for all, it’s time to check yourself.

Three common workout mistakes that keep us inconsistent

Still missing workouts? Check yourself. Are you making one of these mistakes? #3 was the hardest one for me to fix!

Workout mistake #1: we’re doing workouts we don’t love

Our old personal trainer said HIIT was best for fat loss. We read on Tone It Up that we have to lift itty-bitty weights. BodyRockTV says intensity is key to getting results. [Insert source here] said we need to do [insert workout here], so we drag ourselves to the gym to do the next popular workout…even if we hate it.

Lovely, this just isn’t worth it. If consistency is our goal, we gotta move in ways that bring us joy so we actually want to keep moving.

#ConsistentKey Solution: Change it up!

Just a couple weeks ago, I was checking in with a client of mine who was scared to let me know she wasn’t super excited about doing a particular workout in her program. She told me “I know it’s good for me, so I do it anyway.”

Full stop.

Instead of preaching the benefits of a particular style of workout, we pivoted, discussed her exact goals for the next two weeks, and created a new plan she was actually excited about. And you know what? She crushed every single workout in that new phase.

It’s time we stop punishing ourselves with movement and find ways of working out that bring us joy. When we actually enjoy the process of what we’re doing, motivation stops becoming an issue (see the research/my take on it here) and consistency comes naturally.

Workout mistake #2: we’re don’t have a plan

When consistency becomes an issue, self-discipline or willpower will never be our solution. Too often, we try relying on self-discipline, which sets us up to fail.

Instead, I’m a huge proponent of doing all things nutrition and fitness without any willpower and with a lot of planning. It sounds so simple but it’s true. We don’t just skip work meetings because we’re tired. We don’t no-show dinner with friends because we’re stressed about school (well most of the time). But we do this with our workouts all the time.

#ConsistentKey Solution: 3 S Formula for Consistency

By implementing this formula [read the full breakdown here], missing workouts will be a thing of the past.


As with anything else in life, failing to plan is essentially planning to fail. So, when it comes to our workouts, we’ve got to schedule them. I recommend taking 10 minutes every Sunday to review the upcoming week and insert workouts into particular dates and times.

Start ahead

While having a plan is definitely helpful, we need to take it one step further and really prepare for each workout sesh. I take it a step further and start ahead mentally by asking myself the following questions before every workout:

What exercises are included in my workout?

Do I need any modifications? Progressions?

What’s my goal for the workout?

How much time will I need to complete the workout?

Stay accountable

It’s incredibly valuable to have someone hold us accountable for the workouts we want to complete. A simple social media check-in can be sufficient but I like to take it a step further. This is why I incorporate accountability buddies into #SpringIntoConsistency (grab the deets and sign up here). Accountability is SO important to our long term consistency success.

Workout mistake #3: we’re forcing ourselves to abide by the “60 minute workout rule”

For years, I believed that I had to exercise for an hour in order for it to *count.* If I couldn’t get in a 60 minute sweat sesh, I’d skip my workout.

I remember waking up late for class in college and realizing I didn’t have enough time for my crazy long workout session. Instead of throwing on my shoes and doing a quick bodyweight circuit in my dorm, I huffed off to class, feeling like a failure.

And that’s so common, isn’t it? We get down on ourselves and feel guilty when we can’t fit in that hour long workout, regardless of the circumstances. 

#ConsistencyKey Solution: reset expectations asap

We gotta get our minds right and reset our expectations.

Before implementing shorter workouts, I’d feel overwhelmed by the amount of time it’d take to complete a workout. On days where I didn’t have at least an hour to devote to working out, I’d just skip it and make myself eat less to “make up for” my missed workout. Now, I’ve cut my workout time in half without compromising results (see how here).

Instead of focusing on duration, I encourage my #SpringIntoConsistency ladies and clients to focus on intensity. Whether I’m outside running sprints, doing bodyweight metabolic conditioning, or modifying a strength session to be more metabolic, I LOVE making my workouts intense and super fast.


They rev our metabolism, making that 60 minute, slow and steady workout pretty pointless. You can bet that’s why all #SpringIntoConsistency workouts are less than 30 minutes!

When train intensely, it majorly increases excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. This means extra calorie burn even AFTER we finish our workouts. While we are resting and recovering, our bodies are making up for all the energy it used during that sweat session.

Before I started training efficiently, I’d spend hours every day working out. And if my nutrition was less than perfect? I’d punish myself with excessive exercise. Now, working out almost every day is just part of my lifestyle. I don’t think about it, and I do it, even when I’m not feeling motivated.

If you’re ready to stop beating yourself up for being inconsistent with workouts and healthy eating, #SpringIntoConsistency is for you.  I‘ll walk you through the PACES to consistency, my exclusive 5 step system to making workouts and nutrition consistent. By the end of the four weeks, we’ll get you to the point where consistency is second nature.

How do you stay consistent with your workouts?

{wedding ready workout} my go-to core workout

I’ve always been slightly obsessed with my abs. I’ve tried every exercise, piece of equipment, program, and core workout touted on the internet. When I was still on my quest for a six pack, I did Tony Horton’s Ab Ripper X video at least three times a week. I’d roll out my yoga mat in my dorm room (cuz we def can’t do 300 sit ups on linoleum) and get to work. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I was sure to do this routine. At the end of each core workout, I’d shyly look at check my stomach in the mirror for results. And each time, I would be disappointed by the lack of a chiseled six pack.

Even though I don’t necessarily want a six pack anymore (see why!), having a strong, lean midsection is important to lots of us, especially during wedding season.

As we’re inching closer and closer to wedding season, I’ve created my Wedding Ready workout series to help my friends, teammates, and clients get ready to rock their wedding dresses. Over the last few weeks, I’ve put together three exclusive real time workouts to get you wedding dress READY.

In case you missed the first few workouts of the series, check them out here:

Upper body workout: perfect for shaping your back, shoulders, and arms

Lower body workout: special emphasis on your glutes and quads to build strong, shapely legs 

This week, we’ve got the last workout in the series: core! But let’s be real, this is not your typical six pack sit up workout, because I’m all about results. And in order to change your physique, we’ve got to incorporate both effective ab exercises to build strength AND interval cardio to reduce body fat [source 1, source 2].

If that seems like a lot, no need to stress. We’ve got it all in today’s workout.

Your wedding ready core workout

Today’s core workout is exactly how I like to structure my HIIT cardio workout days: sprints and core work. To get the absolute best results possible, we want to do both parts of this workout together. If you need to split up the parts of the workout, don’t stress too much, hit the core workout portion. Just make sure you work a sprint session into your weekly routine.

Before you begin, I highly suggest you do a substantial warm up (like this one). By activating your core, you ensure that it’ll work hard throughout both parts of the workout. Even without the core workout portion, if you sprint hard enough, I guarantee that you’ll feel your abs the next day!

Part 1: sprints!

Head to a track, treadmill, or hit the pavement to complete the following intervals.

Looking for a new core workout? This ab workout will get you wedding ready in no time. And, let's be real, this is not your typical six pack sit up workout, because I'm all about results. And in order to change your physique, we've got to incorporate both effective ab exercises to build strength AND interval cardio to reduce body fat.

Part 2: core workout

When you complete your sprints, it’s time to work that core. We’ve got five super effective ab exercises, with 10 reps each. Go through this super short circuit 2-3 times!

Looking for a new core workout? This ab workout will get you wedding ready in no time. And, let's be real, this is not your typical six pack sit up workout, because I'm all about results. And in order to change your physique, we've got to incorporate both effective ab exercises to build strength AND interval cardio to reduce body fat.

When you smash your workout, be sure to tag me on instagram and facebook so I can cheer you on 🙂 If you enjoyed this workout, you’ll LOVE my free weeklong fitness challenge. If you’re looking to jumpstart your fitness goals, there’s no better time than now!

What kind of workout do you want to see next?

{wedding ready workout} my TOP lower body workout

We’re inching closer and closer to wedding season! I don’t know about you but tons of my friends and teammates are getting married in spring/summer 2017. With their weddings around the corner, getting ready to rock their stunning wedding dresses is top of mind. I get it!

That’s why I decided to create my Wedding Ready workout series. I’m putting together three exclusive workouts to get you wedding dress READY.

A few weeks ago, we worked our upper bodies, because many popular wedding dress styles emphasize the bride’s back, shoulders, and arms. But this week, you’re in for a treat, because I’ve put together a Wedding Ready lower body workout, with special emphasis on your glutes and quads.

Having strong, shapely legs is super important for those form fitting wedding gowns (or just for rocking shorts next summer). 

But, in order to make serious changes to our legs, we’ve gotta get some weight involved. Because our legs and butt are our biggest muscles, it’s important to add additional weight when you’re doing a lower body workout. This maximizes our results and ensures we’re not wasting time in the gym.

Your Wedding Dress Ready Lower Body Workout

For today’s lower body workout, we’ve got two 10 minute AMRAPs. The first AMRAP is bodyweight and plyometric. I wrote this circuit to raise our heart rates and get us nice and warm. This cardio primer of sorts will prepare you to lift heavier weights in AMRAP 2.

For today's lower body AMRAP workout, we've got two 10 minute AMRAPs. The first AMRAP is bodyweight and plyometric. I wrote this circuit to raise our heart rates and get us nice and warm. This cardio primer of sorts will prepare you to lift heavier weights in AMRAP 2.

You’ll complete 10 reps of each exercise in AMRAP 1, resting only as needed. Repeat as many times as you can in ten minutes.

Rest for 1-2 minutes before moving into AMRAP 2.

Most importantly? Have fun with it! This one is definitely a toughie, and if you workout with me real time, you’ll see me struggle.

This lower body workout is similar to the quick, effective workouts in my free weeklong fitness challenge. If you’re looking to jumpstart your new year’s fitness goals, there’s no better time than now!

What kind of workout do you want to see next?

{wedding ready workout} My BEST upper body workout to get you wedding ready

Is it wedding season already?! I don’t know about you but tons of my friends and teammates are getting married in spring/summer 2017. With their weddings around the corner, getting ready to rock their stunning wedding dresses is top of mind. I get it!

That’s why I decided to create my Wedding Ready workout series. I’m putting together three exclusive and super effective workouts to get you wedding dress READY.

With the most popular wedding dress styles, the bride’s back, shoulders, and arms are the center of attention. Of course, this leads to lots of questions about how to change the shape of their upper body. We all want toned arms, shapely shoulders, and a strong back, right?

But here’s the thing. Most of the time, when women approach me asking to change the shape of their body, they’re doing incessant cardio, spending hours on the treadmill.

While that may be enjoyable to some, it’s not going to get us the body shape w’ere looking for. That’s why I’ll always encourage them to start lifting weights and working intensely for short periods of time, instead of going to the gym to watch Bones reruns on the elliptical.  Added bonus? We’ll all have extra time to get shit done (wedding planning perhaps).

May 2016

With that in mind, I’ve put together an awesome workout to maximize the benefits of lifting weights while still elevating your heart rate. Add this workout to your weekly routine 1-2x per week and you should start seeing changes to your upper body within a month!

Upper Body Wedding Dress Workout

This sweaty upper body lift will get your heart rate up and tax those shoulders by working in interval style. You’ll complete each upper body exercise for 50 seconds and rest for 10 seconds. Before you rest, complete 60s of the cardio move of your choice.

With the most popular wedding dress styles, the bride's back, shoulders, and arms are the center of attention. Of course, this leads to lots of questions about how to strengthen and tone up their upper body. That's why I've created this wedding dress workout!

Aim for 2-3 rounds of the circuit, resting for 60s between each round.

Looking for more workouts?

This super effective lifting workout is similar to the workouts in my free 7 day fitness challenge!  If you need a bit of help with your workouts and nutrition, definitely join in! We’ll work together towards your goals for the next 7 days, giving you the jumpstart you need to get results.

What kind of workout do you want to see next?

My go-to full body workout

You’re all psyched up to workout, lace up your shoes, and walk downstairs to the hotel gym. You know you want to do an awesome full body workout but as soon as you walk through the gym doors, your mind blanks. Without a workout video to follow, you have no idea what to do. You may even default to getting on the treadmill out of convenience.

This situation sounds all too familiar to me! So many times, I’d find myself in the middle of a hotel gym without a clue of what to do. I followed along with real time videos for most of my workouts at home, so without the convenience of a follow along workout, I was pretty lost.

That’s why I came up with this exact full body workout. This circuit is SUPER easy to remember and do in absolutely any hotel gym.

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How do I build a workout plan?

You walk into the gym, ready to work out. You head over to the weight section, look in the mirror and realize you have no idea what to do, even though you know you’d like to be weight lifting. Sound familiar?

I’ve recently been getting lots of questions from women who are not super comfortable in the free weights section of the gym. Braving all the bros working their biceps leaves them feeling intimidated, not knowing how to approach the weight rack. That’s why I’ve decided to write a series on Mastering the Weight Room.

At the end of the series of blog posts, you’ll be confident in approaching that free weight section with ease.

Previous topics in the Master the Weight Room series include:

-Choosing your weights
-Building your workout routines

This week, I’m tackling the final topic in the series: building your workout plan!

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Strength and speed: butt and leg workout

Happy Friday, my friends! I cannot believe that Christmas is less than ten days away! With Christmas around the corner, I’ve been crazy busy with holiday preparation.

When life gets busy, with the holiday season in full swing, finding the time to fit in your workout can be challenging. That’s why I default to metabolic workouts in December. This style of workout workout is specifically designed to maximize your workout afterburn, keeping your metabolism revved all day long.

As a mini Christmas present, I’m sharing one of my go-to metabolic strength workouts. This workout is perfect for leg day.

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Working out while sick – my three rules

You’ve got a 6am workout scheduled. You go to bed early, your clothes are set out, and the coffee will be ready with plenty of time to sip before you hit the gym. But when your alarm pings, your throat is sore, your body feels heavy, and you’ve got a cough. As you lay in bed, you go back and forth on whether or not you should get up. You mentally go through your list of all the reasons for or against working out while sick.

I’ll answer that question once and for all. These are my three guidelines to working out while sick.

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Your Thanksgiving Workout – Turkey Day Travel HIIT

Gahhhhh! Can you BELIEVE it is one week from Thanksgiving?! I am SO excited to head out to California to be with my family and friends in just a few days.

I LOVE Thanksgiving. Frankly, it’s refreshing to have a holiday that focuses on family, love, and appreciation instead of exchanging presents. In my family, Thanksgiving is a weeklong affair. We do Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday with my dad’s family and then Saturday night is another Thanksgiving meal with mom’s family. To break things up, Andrew and I escape our families and head up to the mountains on Thursday night to digest and relax with the pups.

Heading up to the mountains is one of my favorite traditions, but it does make getting a workout in a little more challenging. Because we leave straight from Thanksgiving dinner, I’m not able to pack equipment, so I take my workout bodyweight.

That’s where today’s Thanksgiving workout comes in!

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Three lunge variations you still haven’t tried

It’s workout time! You look down at your lower body lift workout plan. The lunge, squat, deadlift, leg curl, and all the usual suspects are on the docket. You want to work your legs and booty but are feeling a little bored.

Been there?

Yeah, me too! As a personal trainer and fitness enthusiast, I love my workouts. They sometimes are the highlight of my day! But the truth is, sometimes they can get a little boring when you’re doing the same thing over and over. This is when variations can save the day!

Using alternate variations of a specific exercise can add some variety into your workout AND keep you motivated to push hard.

Today, I want to help you add some variety into one of my favorite exercises.

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